Very good story…enjoyed reading and hope to read more from this blog soon.

What's love got to do with it?

Back in July, before my sister got married, I went to the hairdresser where the TV was showing Albert and Charlene de Monaco’s wedding. Everybody in the saloon was laughing because we heard a day before the future bride tried to fly away.

My hairdresser looked at me and asked: “Why did she pick him?”

I replied to her that maybe it was because of the money he has. I was joking of course.

My hairdresser looked back at me and said that she would be a fool if she chose the money over love.

I had a lover who had a lot of money. He bought me a lot of things, and even asked me to marry him. But I refused” she said. “I wasn’t happy at all with him. Besides, he wanted to move in another town with me. I didn’t want to…

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Teacher at Kennedy Jr. High School. Proud parent of Zoe and Alicia. I enjoy fishing, skiing, and sailing. I also tutor GRE and SAT prep classes. I reside in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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