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The JellyBean Chronicles

After an aborted attempt at potty training before the second birthday our little Jellybean has expressed an interested in wearing ‘big girl panties’.  The nanny and I have been working on it for a total of two days now and yesterday they picked out pretty ‘big girl panties’. 

Imagine my surprise when when I came home last night and I found JB sitting on our bed playing Elmo Loves ABC’s on the iPad and had her father proudly proclaim our daughter was wearing panties and not a diaper!  

In shock I replied, “while sitting on our bed?!”  He calmly stated that everything was okay and besides, she was on my side of the bed.  HA!  The only thing more shocked than the look on my face was the look on his when he picked her up to find she had soaked all the way down through two blankets, a comforter, sheets, and a mattress cover!

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Teacher at Kennedy Jr. High School. Proud parent of Zoe and Alicia. I enjoy fishing, skiing, and sailing. I also tutor GRE and SAT prep classes. I reside in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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