The Do’s and Dont’s of Dieting. How to burn 500 calories in one hour. Hidden calories. A peak into a women’s magazine reveals one obession: weight.

Even girl’s Talk often evolves around this topic. It’s incredible how many beautiful and perfectly normal girls  feel insecure about their eating habits.
I don’t want to say that the shape of your body doesn’t matter at all – obesity has to be taken seriously. But as the obesity rate is, even in the UK, the most fat-stricken country in Europe, at 24%, the majority of women doesn’t have to be worried.
Yet Pro Ana Blogs like this one try to pull others into their psychological problems.

But there are plenty of reason why it’s absolutely not necessary to worry about your weight.

1) Being skinny does NOT equal being popular, being loved, being admired, being interesting or inspiring to other people. The better way to do…

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Teacher at Kennedy Jr. High School. Proud parent of Zoe and Alicia. I enjoy fishing, skiing, and sailing. I also tutor GRE and SAT prep classes. I reside in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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