Grease, Gas, Gears and Fairytales


My week of glorious unwind, began with a rewind.  A rewind to days past, and memories culminated in shiny painted ghosts of a previous era.  Polished and loved to a gleaming shine, there were rows and rows, that gently materialized out of the foggy huge whole,  into colorful, chrome-detailed Firebirds, Challengers, GTO’s, Desoto’s, Mustangs and Chargers.

I had found myself in Scottsdale during Barrett-Jackson week.  It was not by happenstance, but by a sort of divine intervention, also known as my parents, that I wound up in Arizona at this particular moment at this particular time of year.  We didn’t “happen” to be there at the same time as this world-renowned classic car auction, but my Dad had planned it this way, and I was to be his equally-obsessed buddy as we scoured rows upon rows of classic cars.  The day before Barrett-Jackson was to kick off, we somehow found ourselves…

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About edwardgangi

Teacher at Kennedy Jr. High School. Proud parent of Zoe and Alicia. I enjoy fishing, skiing, and sailing. I also tutor GRE and SAT prep classes. I reside in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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